What To Look For In A Rental Real Estate Agent

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October 19, 2020
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Searching for a rental real estate agent to take care of your investment property is an important decision. There is more to finding the right agent than simply asking what the management fees are. Not only will a good real estate agent minimise your vacancy periods, but they will also ensure that the tenants living in your property are going to leave the property in good condition.

Here’s three things to look for in a successful property management agency.

The level of service

Different real estate agents manage different sized property portfolios. This means that some agencies are large real estate agencies with hundreds of properties under management, and others are more boutique with a smaller number of rental properties being managed.

Depending on your needs as a landlord, you may have a preference on how hands on or hands off you would like to be with your investment property. So when you’re considering which rental real estate agent to manage your investment property, you should consider asking what the level of service is you can expect from them as your property manager.

If you have clear expectations for what you expect as a landlord, it helps if you discuss those deliverables with the agent to ensure they meet your expectations as a landlord. At VIBE Property, we pride ourselves on our individual approach to each and every one of our clients, and we welcome all enquiries about what makes our service stand out in the Hawkesbury region.

Look at their marketing

The marketing strategy is extremely important because the success of your advertising campaign will impact how long your vacancy period is. Are you seeing the agencies branding in your local area? Are you seeing for lease signs popping up in the neighbourhood? When you search on the property portals, are there listings for the agent that you can see?

Be sure to look at the agency website and social media pages too, because these are their calling cards for their overall brand exposure. Are they active on their website and social media channels? Is their content engaging? Is their marketing appealing? All of these things are important when it comes time to market your property for lease.

Read the Managing Agency Agreement

When you are ready to sign on with a real estate agency, be sure to sit down and read the Managing Agency Agreement, and ask questions. A good agent will answer all of your questions and explain away any reservations you might have in a particular area of the agreement.

Experienced property managers can advise you on every aspect of managing rental properties, so no question is ever a silly question when you’re asking the right agent.

Ask VIBE Property to give your property a rental health check today. Our team of experienced agents can assess your rental income potential, go through existing lease agreements with a fine tooth comb, and prepare a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule to help you benefit from your investment. Call us for more information on (02) 45784234.

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