Nadia Cruz

Keeping things close, the small team and tight-knit ideals of VIBE extend to my property management approach. I believe the first person you first talk to should be the one celebrating future property milestones with you. Simple.

With 19 years of experience in my industry, I’m a rarity for this profession – a long-term career property manager.

Because of that background and dedication, both my clients and my team can tap into better knowledge, more professionalism, and real passion. I know there are better ways to manage people’s biggest assets and I’m determined to deliver new levels of service.

Renting your property can be stressful and demanding, and I’m compassionate and caring in my approach, while 100% committed to listening to the individual needs of clients.

With VIBE known for being the colour of the Hawkesbury when it comes to renting, my team is a rich tapestry of multi-lingual collaborators.

Wherever you are in your property journey, you’re at home with us

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