Michael Mahboub

I started in property at 19 years old, realising quickly that this was the career for me. I’ve now been assisting buyers and sellers for more than 2 decades.

The vision for VIBE (with huge support from the people around me) was to bring a new level of real estate service to our area. With our name now synonymous with the colour of the Hawkesbury, our input has been game changing for local vendors.

VIBE has maintained a reputation of its own, and I’ve stayed true to the trademarks that have brought success for our clients. I only work on a handful of campaigns at any one time, and we maintain a close and tight-knit team. The aspects that set us apart will always remain, along with a reputation for outstanding results.

I’m always seeking opportunities to learn, grow and develop new skills. When I’m not selling real estate, you’ll find me travelling and experiencing other cultures… the stranger the better. Some favourites to date have been visiting Mongolia with World Vision, and a jaunt to North Korea.

Other than that it’s mountain biking, running, swimming, working on my organic garden, and spending time with my family.

Clients will probably hear me say, ‘never ever ever give up’. But it’s my colleagues who hear that the most.

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