VIBE's first quarter of 2014 has proven to be in very high demand.

Properties launched this year through VIBE have experienced multiple offers, often after their first open house with negotiations coming to a successful conclusion within days.  VIBE’s advice if you are a buyer in this current market is to:


  1. Be prepared to submit a strong offer at the first open house, as there is often immediate competition.
  2. Check with your mortgage broker or bank lender, understanding exactly the time frame you may need; are you fully approved for finance or pre-approved?
  3. Terms and conditions are just as important as the agreed sale price when submitting your offer, properties can be negotiated with delayed settlements to suit both seller and yourself, don’t be afraid to ask!
  4. VIBE can provide you with a list of local sales, however, keep in mind that the property you are considering may be more unique than others. "No two homes are the exact same, they can vary in quality and extent of renovations, so often a view on value is very personal".
  5. An initial deposit of 0.25% will secure the property while you conduct your searches and finalize your finance. A strong deposit will help secure a property as well, a recommended deposit is the full 10%, however if you feel this is too high be prepared to suggest putting forward a minimum of 5%.
VIBE is very excited about our new properties scheduled to launch over the coming weeks, with open homes commencing this weekend, so we hope to see you there J

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KURRAJONG HEIGHTS 1384 Bells Line of Road
BERAMBING 2 Ghost Hill Road
GROSE VALE 35 Ginahgulla Avenue
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